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Hungary Mediation, is between person for this very nice modern tent roof house in Csertö.

The all-stone property is in a very beautiful location in an end street, which guarantees ultimate tranquility.

The house has a large central entrance hall, from where one has access to the kitchen with modern kitchen with all appliances, storage room where also the gas c.v. boiler sight. Furthermore, one has a cozy living room, two spacious bedrooms and bathroom with bath / shower, w.c. and sink.

The property is delivered fully furnished.

plot 4365 m2

Fully fenced with concrete posts with mesh

Street side fencing

** Install


Barn / outside kitchen


Wine house with cellar

Swimming pool

Residential building

** House built in1969

Concrete floors

Floor concrete slab therefore usable

Electricity 8 groups and power present

Connected to municipal sewerage

Gas connection

Water connection

Telephone / internet connection

Water well

From 2011 to the present, roofs have been renewed around new gutters, all buildings

Central heating boiler installed, shutters renewed 2016, fly screens installed

Cserto well-developed village

-Large attic where possibly a loft apartment can be made with 4 pivot windows

House ground floor is 10×10 meters

Attic 10×10 metet

Concrete floors

-Structure concrete slab so usable if necessary good to convert into loft apartment or extra bedrooms

-Electra 8 groups and power present

-Connected to municipal sewerage

-Gas connection

-Water connection

-Telephone / internet connection

-Water well

From 2011 to the present, roofs have been renewed and all new gutters are installed around new gutters

Boiler installed

The property is always well maintained and offers many options

Nice and sweet neighbors

#Cserto well-developed village #

Located in the beautiful zseleck hills away capital Budapest 228 km accessible via modern highways and by train

Distance 1465 km from Delft

One of the few villages with fixed gas and sewerage connection, several Dutch and Belgians live permanently in the village ‘there is social control which keeps crime very low and when you need help it is offered

A supermarket and an American pub have recently opened in the village

There is a castle / country house in the beginning of the village this is now being converted into a luxury hotel for pensioners 40 rooms ready by the end of 2019 this will raise the standard of the village even more

Every day a baker comes by twice and some cars from which food is sold

Postman comes along 5 days a week where you can also make giro payments.

Bofrost comes by every week

A restaurant will also be opened next year

Cserto is centrally located between the larger cities of Kaposvar-Pécs-Bárcs, all 32 km away in a beautiful setting

Croatian border 35 km

Supermarkets Tesco, Lidl, Spar, Penny, Coop 6 km

Hospital 6 km

Dentist 6 km

Veterinarian 6km

Thermal bath 6km

Restaurants 6km

These facilities can all be found in Szigetvar

There are also beautiful fishing lakes in the area where you can fish

Forest and wine hills, fields and more 100 meters from the house, nature is right next door deer, foxes, boars, badgers, lynx eagles, storks

You will encounter bunzings, squirrels, martens, hedgehogs and beautiful birds in your own garden

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. You can always call me on 0036-20 262 8392 or send an e-mail to: info@honggary-bemmiddeling.eu

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